Scott Wainner

Founder & CEO

Scott is a serial entrepreneur with a 20 year track record of creating successful companies. At age 16, he built a hardware reviews site called SysOpt, and later sold it for $4M at age 21. Next, he created a business called ResellerRatings to help consumers shop safely online, which reached $6M/year in revenue and had 2,000 online retail customers. Scott sold ResellerRatings to in 2012 for $34M as the sole shareholder with no debt.

Scott has loved to travel since an early age. In the past year alone, he has taken 30 flights! In the past 10 years, Scott has been on 40 trips to Hawaii, embarked on week-long summer cycling trips to ride over the tallest mountain passes in the Alps and Pyrenees of France during seven different Tour de France races, and has enjoyed spending time in interesting places from L.A. to NYC and throughout Europe.

In planning all of that travel, Scott became frustrated with just how hard it is to find and compare airfares, and how many hours and days it takes to search for the many destination and date combinations needed to find the best fares. Fareness was created as a solution to this problem, revealing fares across hundreds of dates and global destinations at a glance.

A peek into Scott’s Passbook for the last few months of travel alone!

Steven Bitner, PhD

Chief Architect

Steve holds a PhD in Computer Science (Computational Geometry), as well as both an MS and BS in Computer Science. Prior to Fareness, Steve built multivariate testing, caching, query optimization, and a variety of other systems while working at Steve holds a top secret security clearance, having previously developed advanced warfighting simulation software for the US Army.

Steve served for six years in the US Navy on the USS Chicago, a nuclear powered Los Angeles class fast attack submarine. During his time in the Navy, where he had the opportunity to visit many global destinations, as well as in his personal life, Steve has been an avid and scrappy traveler. He was once known for flying to Tahiti with nothing but the clothes on his back and the sandy beach itself as his “5 star accommodations”.

One need look no further than his children to understand Steve’s passion for seeing the world; his kids are named after his two favorite European cities. Some day, Steve plans to see the world by sailboat with his family in tow -- a true explorer.